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Chromotherapy with Himalayan Salt - Try the brand new area

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Chromotherapy is an ancient technique based on the use of different colors and its principle lies on the premise that light produces energy and every color generates a different vibration. It was used by India, Greece, China, and Egypt many years ago for healing purposes.

Colors produces different vibrations and when those vibrations get in contact with the one in human body, they produce a reaction and counteraction with own human cells and blood. Chromotherapy, through the use of colors, tends to re-establish psychophysical harmony and equilibrium.

The Benefits of Chromotherapy with Himalayan Salt

Exposure to light with different wavelength, covers of wall with Himalayan salt and projection of relaxing images help re-establishing energy of human body and level of equilibrium of own health. The rich minerals and salts in the room, activate the minerals in the human body, detox lungs and bronchial tubes and facilitate blood circulation that stimulates metabolism.



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