#StayPlasticLess, Best Western Project to Protect the Environment

Seas and oceans around the world are increasingly submerged by plastic: a critical situation that is already causing irreparable damage to marine ecosystems and to our health. The time to act is now: that’s why Hotel Galles is joining the #StayPlasticLess initiative by Best Western and LifeGate. 

By joining the #StayPlasticLess project, all Best Western hotels are adopting virtuous behaviours to reduce the use of disposable plastic and the production of waste. Through a constant awareness campaign, their commitment also affects our guests, who are called upon to do their part. 

“This Summer Stay with Us and Together We Clean the Sea”

From June 8th to September 30th, by booking their stay with Best Western, the guests of Hotel Galles will contribute to the purchase of four Seabins of LifeGate PlasticLess®.

The LifeGate PlasticLess® initiative was created with the aim of reducing the presence of plastic waste in the Mediterranean sea through Seabin devices for the collection of these materials.

The Mediterranean, inhabited by 7.5% of known marine species, is one of the seas most affected by the scourge of plastic pollution. Every year about 570 thousand tons of plastic end up in its waters, which corresponds to 33,800 bottles per minute. An alarming fact, the causes of which are to be found in poor waste management, in productive and port activities and in seaside tourism. 

Among the wastes in our seas, the most dangerous for our health are certainly the microplastics. These fragments of less than 55 mm in diameter stick to the algae and are ingested by the fish that end up on our table. 

According to the field study “No Plastic in Nature: Assessing Plastic Ingestion from Nature to People” of the University of Newcastle, every week we ingest about five grams of microplastics, the equivalent of a credit card. The health effects have not yet been clarified. 

The installation of the Seabins is a concrete measure to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our seas. Basically, the Seabin is a basket for the collection of waste that floats in surface water, capable of capturing about 1.5 kg of debris per day, or over 500 kg of waste per year, including microplastics and microfibers. Even cigarette butts, unfortunately very present in the Italian seas, can be collected through these devices.

Best Western’s #StayPlasticLess project will allow four Seabins to be installed and operated for 12 months, capable of collecting 2 tons of plastic (the equivalent of 1 million plastic caps or 150,000 bottles). A frontline commitment to clean up the seas and raise awareness of our environmental impact. 

Join Hotel Galles and enjoy a sustainable stay!