Milano dall'alto

Milan from Above: the Most Beautiful Viewpoints

No Italian city can boast a skyline more fascinating than Milan. Those who love to observe cities from above will be impressed by Milan’s belvederes and the perfect mix of ancient and modern that defines its landscape.

One of the best viewpoints? The rooftop terraces of Hotel Galles, of course. Whether it is an aperitif or a dinner with a view, our restaurant La Terrazza on the sixth floor of the hotel is one of the most enchanting and elegant locations in the city. On the eighth floor, the terraces with solarium offer a panoramic view of all the monuments and historic buildings of Milan. A magic show at every sunset.

Isn’t that enough? For those who never tire of chasing vertigo, here are other scenic spots from which to observe Milan from above.

The Terraces of the Duomo of Milan

Open from June 1 to September 15 2019, the terraces of the Duomo are one of the most beautiful places in Milan. With their height between 65 and 70 meters, they offer an unparalleled view of Piazza Duomo and the Milanese skyline. On clear days the view extends as far as the Alps.

Climbing up on the terraces also allows you to closely appreciate the architectural finesse of the Fabbrica del Duomo, with its statues, gothic spires and the golden silhouette of the Madonnina even higher up.

Access to the terraces is by lift or stairs and upon payment of a ticket. For information on rates and guided tours, please refer to the official website.

Highline Galleria

The next viewpoint is just a few steps away. Highline Galleria is the rooftop walkway of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: a unique and fascinating perspective from which to admire this historic monument and enjoy a breathtaking view of the spires of the Duomo and the skyline of Milan. Not only that, but you can also book an aperitif and watch a movie in the “highest cinema in Milan”.

Terraces of the Rinascente

An aperitif face to face with the Duomo… on the terraces of the Rinascente the dream comes true. On the seventh floor of this Milanese shopping temple, you will find an exclusive bar for a quick lunch or a cocktail at sunset.

Branca Tower

Designed by the renowned architect Giò Ponti in 1933, the Branca Tower stands in the Parco Sempione and is 108.6 metres high. From the top of this steel giant, you can enjoy an incredible view of the Milanese skyscrapers and, when the sky is clearer, the Po Valley. In 2002 the tower was opened to visitors, who can now reach the top by a modern lift.

Palazzo Lombardia

Hungry for skyscrapers? The belvedere on the 39th floor of Palazzo Lombardia is the right place to admire them in all their breathtaking height. The ultra-modern buildings of Piazza Gae Aulenti and the Central Station are clearly visible, as are the Meazza Stadium, the Duomo and the Galleria.

After a period of interruption, visits to the belvedere will resume from 22 September to 22 December 2019 with free admission every Sunday. Visitors will also find a reproduction of the famous Glider by Leonardo da Vinci and an exhibition dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the death of this brilliant artist.

Unicredit Tower

Climbing up to the Unicredit Tower – the tallest skyscraper in Italy, 226 m high – is not an easy task, because visits are sporadic and tickets are quickly sold out. But those who are lucky enough to see Milan from up there will be absolutely rewarded with the wait.

Ready to collect breathtaking views? Hotel Galles is waiting for you to start your exploration of Milan from above!