Cosa fotografare a Milano

The Best Photo Spots in Milan: 10 Attractions Not to Be Missed

Do you love traveling with your camera always at hand? Visiting Milan will allow you to take original shots to collect your holiday memories. Discover ten amazing places to photograph in Milan with the advice of Hotel Galles.

Thanks to its central location near Porta Venezia, Hotel Galles is the ideal base for exploring Milan in search of the perfect shot. Not only that, from the panoramic terraces of our four-star hotel you can capture one of the best views of the Milan skyline.

Follow us on this photographic journey to Milan: here are some symbolic places that should not be missing in your reportage.

1. The Navigli of Milan

The Navigli are certainly one of the most evocative areas of Milan. Sunset is the best time to visit them when the reflections on the water ignite the atmosphere… and on the Darsena it is time for an aperitif.

At Christmas the walk on the Navigli is made even more beautiful by the decorations, with threads of light reflected in the canals: it is just the most perfect picture.

2. Corso Magenta

Corso Magenta is one of the little secrets of Milan, a long street with an almost Parisian atmosphere, full of bistros, historic houses, museums, and Roman ruins. The Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie – which houses the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci – is not far away.

In Corso Magenta, you will find one of the most loved views by Milanese photographers, the octagonal courtyard of Casa Rossi, designed by Giuseppe Pestagalli in the second half of the nineteenth century. Lovers of architecture will be simply charmed.

3. The Duomo of Milan

At dawn or dusk, in winter or spring… any condition is good for making a shot of the Duomo of Milan. To photograph it in the best conditions, choose the early morning when the square is still empty of tourists.

Those who want to enjoy a unique perspective on the city from above will have to climb on the Terraces, where you can also closely appreciate the finesse of neo-Gothic architecture.

4. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

And how not to mention the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the “living room of Milan”? It is one of the most fascinating and sumptuous examples of a nineteenth-century shopping gallery, with its high dome and rich decorations. It is almost impossible to take an empty picture of it, but you can always turn your lens upwards to capture its timeless elegance.

5. The Castello Sforzesco

Another great classic: the Castello Sforzesco can not miss in your album of Milan. The high Torre del Filarete is an ideal protagonist for your shots, but also the inner courtyards with their decorations offer glimpses of immense beauty.

6. Velasca Tower

With its unmistakable shape, Torre Velasca is an essential part of the Milanese skyline. This twenty-six-story skyscraper built in the 1950s has sometimes been criticized, sometimes praised for its architecture: one thing is certain, it is not easily forgotten.

7. Giardino delle Culture

Street art enthusiasts will find in Milan an explosion of colors and creativity. One of the most surprising murals is located in the Porta Vittoria area, in the Giardino delle Culture: it is the sweet work “Love Seeker” by street artist Millo. Take it away with you in a breathtaking shot.

8. Arco della Pace

The Arco della Pace is another of the most popular locations for photographers in Milan. This solemn triumphal arch at the beginning of Corso Sempione gives its best at dawn, sunset and after a rainy day: try to capture its reflection in a puddle.

9. Piazza Gae Aulenti

Those who love verticality will feel captivated by the skyscrapers of Piazza Gae Aulenti, like the dizzying Palazzo Unicredit. The entire area – from the Bosco Verticale to the Biblioteca degli Alberi – offers original views and surprising architecture.

10. Palazzo della Regione Lombardia

Also, the new Palazzo della Regione Lombardia will give satisfaction to lovers of contemporary architecture. This glass giant emerges majestically from the covered square, but it is from the panoramic terrace on the 39th floor that you can breathe all the magic of Milan’s views.

A camera around your neck, a great desire to explore and the advice of Hotel Galles: this is all you need to make your stay in Milan memorable. Are you ready to shoot a reportage worthy of the name?