Cosa vedere a Porta Venezia, Milano

What to See in Porta Venezia, the Liberty District of Milan

Porta Venezia is the Liberty heart of Milan, a place where you can still enjoy the architectural richness and happiness of the Belle Époque. Whether you are in the city for business or leisure, this district should not be missing in your itinerary: discover it with the advice of Hotel Galles.

Hotel Galles, a step away from art

Thanks to its strategic location on Corso Buenos Aires, Hotel Galles is the ideal base for your stay in Milan. A friendly welcome and endless moments of relaxation await you, thanks to the SPA with indoor swimming pool and the cuisine of our restaurant La Terrazza, with panoramic views over Milan.

Staying at Hotel Galles means being “a step away from art”, immersed in the exclusive Art Nouveau frame of Porta Venezia. Anyone strolling through the neighborhood will have to open their eyes to capture every detail of its extraordinary buildings. Here are five attractions not to be missed in Porta Venezia.

1. Indro Montanelli Gardens

Inaugurated in 1784, when Milan was still under Austrian dominion, the Indro Montanelli Gardens were the first public park in the city. Since 2002 the gardens have been dedicated to this famous Italian journalist and essayist, who loved to spend his free time here.

The gardens of Porta Venezia are a green oasis in the heart of Milan, perfect for taking a walk, doing sport or improvising a picnic in the summer. Here you will find two important museums: the Civic Museum of Natural History and the Civic Planetarium Ulrico Hoepli, a must-see for families traveling with children.

2. The Silent Quadrilateral

Besides the Quadrilatero della Moda, there is another dreamy tangle of streets in Milan. We are talking about the Silent Quadrilateral, as the area between Via Serbelloni, Via Mozart, Via Cappuccini, and Via Vivaio, behind Corso Venezia, is poetically defined.

Entering the neighborhood you will find truly amazing Liberty buildings, such as Palazzo Berri-Meregalli and Casa Sola Brusca, where you can admire two works by the sculptor Adolfo Wildt.

But the real jewel of the Quadrilateral is perhaps Villa Necchi Campiglio, designed by architect Pietro Portaluppi. Visiting the villa – today a FAI heritage site – allows you to immerse yourself in the luxurious worldliness of the bourgeois salons of the early twentieth century. The elegant bistro and the swimming pool in the garden of the residence add another touch of glamour: a very relaxing view in the chaos of Milan.

Also not to be missed is the adjacent Villa Mozart, with its green facade all covered with climbing plants. The most curious will be attracted by Villa Invernizzi and its pink flamingos, which bathe in the fountain of the elegant residence.

3. Casa-Museo Boschi Di Stefano

Not to be missed for art lovers is the Casa-Museo Boschi Di Stefano at Via Giorgio Jan, 15. Here visitors will find an extraordinary collection of 20th-century Italian artworks, donated to the Municipality by Antonio Boschi and Marieda Di Stefano. Over two thousand works including paintings, sculptures, and drawings allow visitors to take a real journey into the national artistic heritage.

4. Villa Reale in Milan: the GAM museum

Beauty is not over yet. Porta Venezia also houses the Villa Reale of Milan, built in the late eighteenth century by architect Leopoldo Pollack. The residence and its English garden are one of the masterpieces of Milanese Neoclassicism.

Today it is the headquarters of the GAM (Galleria d’Arte Moderna Milano), which hosts the works of some of the protagonists of Italian art between the 18th and 19th centuries, from Francesco Hayez to Antonio Canova.

5. Hotel Diurno Venezia

Not everyone knows that the underground of Porta Venezia hides an Art Deco treasure. It is the Albergo Diurno Venezia, opened in 1926 on a project by the architect Portaluppi.

The elegant rooms welcomed travelers and citizens who wanted to recharge their batteries after a trip or a busy week. There were spaces for relaxation with sofas and desks, but also shops and services: barber, hairdresser, manicurist, exchange office, travel agency, and laundry.

The Albergo also housed a spa area with baths covered with sparkling tiles. Officially closed in 2006, today the Albergo can be rediscovered during one of the periodic FAI visits.

If you love art, Porta Venezia is likely to become your favorite place in Milan. Many more tips on the hidden jewels of the neighborhood are waiting for you at Hotel Galles.